Mission Statement for the Oral History Project


A group of Faculty and Staff colleagues at the University of Puget Sound have committed themselves to a project gathering the recollections of students, faculty and staff at Puget Sound in an effort to ensure that the memories of those involved in the history of the University not be lost.


To this end, we propose the collection of oral histories of students, faculty, and staff from the period 1965 – 1975 and earlier, using established protocols and techniques, including audio and video tape recordings, by members of the Oral History Project.  Although interest in the group is focused on the period 1965 – 1975 (which was a period which set the foundation for great change in the University), we hope also to collect memories from persons involved in the earlier history of the University and the College of Puget Sound.


The immediate purposes of the project are to gather and preserve information and to augment the university records..  We hope that these materials will eventually be made available to scholars interested in the history of universities and in the history of the University of Puget Sound in particular.  Meanwhile we are engaged in securing memories that are part of the university’s culture.


This is envisioned as an independent work of scholarship by a group composed primarily of staff and faculty interested in the history of Puget Sound.  Colleagues interested in participating in the project should feel welcome to get in touch with John English (Emeritus Professor of Education), Bob Matthews (Math/CSci), George Mills (Admissions), Gary Peterson (Emeritus Professor of Communication and Theater Arts), Karen Porter (CSoc), or Florence Sandler (English).