Oral History Project

(revised August 18, 2009)

The University of Puget Sound Oral History Project seeks to gather oral and written recollections of the University of Puget Sound throughout its history.  All submissions are welcome, and should be sent to Bob Matthews, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, 1500 N. Warner St., Tacoma, WA  98406, or to matthews@pugetsound.edu.  All submissions become the property of the Oral History Project of the University of Puget Sound and will eventually be made a part of the University of Puget Sound Archives.  Requests for confidentiality of material will be kept in accordance with standard practices for collections of oral histories.

Please click here for a current list of members in the Oral History Project

Please click here for a mission statement for the Oral History Project drafted in October, 2001, and presented at that time to the Faculty.  The interests of the group have expanded from our early interest in the transition from Dr. Thompson to Dr. Phibbs since the document was written.

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Please contact: Bob Matthews or anyone in the current membership list for more information on the project.  Please contact Bob Matthews for questions or concerns on this web page.