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FL 380: An Archaeology of the "Boom": Modern Latin American Prose Fiction



b.1892: Jorge Luis Borges {ARG.} Labyrinths (1944/1949) --FILM

b.1904: Alejo Carpentier {CUBA} The Lost Steps (1953)

b.1918: Juan Rulfo {MEX.} Pedro Páramo (1955)

b.1928: Carlos Fuentes {MEX.} The Death of Artemio Cruz (1962) --FILM

b.1914: Julio Cortázar {ARG.}Hopscotch (1963)

b.1936: Mario Vargas-Llosa {PERÚ} The Time of the Hero (1963) --FILM

b.1928: Gabriel García-Márquez {COL.} One Hundred Years of Solitude (1967)

b.1932: Manuel Puig {ARG.} Kiss of the Spider Woman (1976) –FILM



FL 380 Website:


Reserve Readings:

CPK Reserve Reading for Foreign Langs. 380 (3 copies at Reserves Desk in the Library) Also available for purchase at the bookstore.



09/03 Wed. Objectives, requirements, rules, and advice.

09/05 Fri. The "Boom" in perspective: CPK 1-12 (Cronology, Brushwood), 104-107 (Barthes)

09/08 Mon. HVQ was ill!

09/10 Wed. The "Boom" in perspective: CPK 13-47 (Vargas-Llosa, Fuentes, Gass)

09/12 Fri. Borges: Laby.: 246-247, 45-50, 72-75 (Borges and I, Circular Ruins, Theme)

09/15 Mon. Borges: CPK 48-67, 68-72 Screening: Bertolucci’s The Spider's Stratagem (See note on screenings below)   WWW:

09/17 Wed. Borges: Laby.: 242, 3-18 (Cervantes, Tlön)
  09/19 Fri. Carpentier: CPK 73-85, Lost Steps: 1-75


09/22 Mon. Carpentier: CPK 86-103 , Lost Steps: 76-157


09/24 Wed. Carpentier: Lost Steps: 158-238


09/26 Fri. Carpentier: Lost Steps: 239-278


09/29 Mon. Rulfo: CPK 108-120, Pedro Páramo: 1-41


10/01 Wed. Rulfo: Pedro Páramo: 41-85


10/03 Fri. Rulfo: Pedro Páramo: 86-124


10/06 Mon. Fuentes: CPK 121-143, Artemio Cruz: 1-86


10/08 Wed. Fuentes: Artemio Cruz: 87-162


10/10 Fri. Fuentes: Artemio Cruz: 162-219


 10/13 Mon. Screening: Orson Welles's Citizen Kane


10/15 Wed. Fuentes: Artemio Cruz: 219-307


10/17 Fri. Cortázar: CPK 160b, Hopscotch: 1-71 A(73-97)


10/20 Mon. FALL BREAK


10/22 Wed. Cortázar: CPK 144-160, Hopscotch: 72-171 A(18-146)


10/24 Fri. Cortázar: Hopscotch: 172-261 A(29-75)




 10/27 Mon. Cortázar: Hopscotch: 264-349 A(43-58)


10/29 Wed. Vargas-Llosa: CPK 176-185, Time of the Hero: 1-62


10/31 Fri. Vargas-Llosa: Time of the Hero: 63-135


11/03 Mon. Vargas-Llosa: Time of the Hero: 136-243


11/05 Wed. Vargas-Llosa: Time of the Hero: 243-312


11/07 Fri. Screening of The City of the Dogs, Vargas-Llosa: Time of the Hero: 313-409


 11/10 Mon. García-Márquez: CPK 211-213, One Hundred Years: 1-81


11/12 Wed. Computer Lab. Session:  WebBoard  Details TBA

11/14 Fri. García-Márquez: CPK 186-202, One Hundred Years: 82-105


11/17 Mon. García-Márquez: CPK 203-210, One Hundred Years: 106-164


11/19 Wed. García-Márquez: One Hundred Years: 165-228

11/21 Fri. García-Márquez: One Hundred Years: 229-319


11/24 Mon. García-Márquez: One Hundred Years: 320-422


11/26 Wed. Forum: TBA




12/01 Mon. Puig: CPK 214-222, Kiss: 1-71
Screening of Kiss of the Spider Woman TBA  Plan for one of MWF from 4:00-6:00pm


12/03 Wed. Puig: Kiss: 72-147


12/05 Fri. Puig: Kiss: 148-233


12/08 Mon. Puig: CPK 223-248, Class Forum: Understanding Sexuality



12/10 Wed. Puig: Kiss: 234-281


Course Requirements and Grading


Class Participation: (50% of final grade) Discussion of assigned texts, other readings, and films.


WWW Journal and Forum Pages: (20% of final grade) An intellectual journal and a discussion forum in which you will write your reflections, reactions, doubts, comments, questions, topics of interest, etc. in relation to your readings. The Forum Page will deal with specific topics per reading. Entries in these pages should be made as you read the stories and novels.


Term Paper: (30% of final grade) 10-12 pages long, typewritten, double-spaced research paper. The topic for this paper will be submitted five weeks before the due date along with a preliminary list of works used (Term Paper Document in the course’s website).


Rules to live by


1. Active insightful reading and discussion constitute the bulk of the workload in this course. It is expected that your reading will be intensive, extensive, and critical. To assist you in this task reading guides are posted in the course’s website. These highlight situations, topics, questions which in my past readings of the text I have found useful to discuss. In addition, for all texts read there will be weblinks to the corresponding writers in the course’s website. Dynamic oral participation will count substantially towards your final grade. Selected supplementary readings are included in your coursepack (CPK). It is of the essence that all required readings be completed on time for class discussion (avg. 70pp./p.c.).


2. This course is offered under the Comparative Values rubric of the Core Curriculum (see attached guidelines). As such it requires a special effort on our part. You will be asked to be as honest and open as possible in trying to explain the values that inform your judgements. This will call on us to be tolerant of others when they explain theirs or question ours. Moreover, it is expected that you will try your best to move beyond mere tolerance to a mature and critical understanding of otherness:


A. Stimulate the moral imagination.
B. Identify and understand ethical issues and value conflict in the reading of literary texts.
C. Develop skills to comment, discuss, and analize the implications of ethical issues and  value conflict as they appear in the reading of literary texts.
D. Elicit a sense of moral obligation and personal responsibility in the presence of ethical  issues and value conflict.
E. Develop a strategy to respond to ethical issues and value conflict, as they manifest  themselves in the reading of literary texts, that is based on:

    (1) Tolerating 
    (3) Reducing 


4. Late work is not acceptable under most circumstances.  Penalties will be imposed for tardiness.  Exceptions may be made upon consultation with your professor.

5. Screenings: Due to time constraints all screenings will be started in class on the day assigned @ 3:15pm and will run until 3:45pm.  The rest of the film must be viewed by you on your own time.  Films will be put in Room 042 in the basement of the Library.  You will need to check in at the Media Desk to obtain a key to the room in order to play the tape.  This room accomodates two to four people at a time.  Make sure to keep this room locked at all times.  If you need to exit for a minute lock the door behind you.  The equipment in the room and the movies are not easily replaceable.  BE MINDFUL.  Theft and vandalism do take place in the Library.

6. FINE PRINT: Your professor reserves the right to amend this syllabus in any manner he sees fit

General Links:

Handbook of Latin American Studies On-Line Bibliography from the Library of Congress.

LANIC The essential link to any search on Latin America in the WWW.

Latin World Latin America on the Web!

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