FL 380: An Archaeology of the "Boom": Modern Latin American Prose Fiction

Reading Guide to Rulfo #2
Pedro Páramo

  1. 61-62 Time change: Flashback. Pedro Páramo's life and times The good years
  2. 65 "Those people don't really count".
  3. 65 Time change: Prospection. Juan Preciado and Dorotea in their grave Getting acquainted
  4. 66 Dorotea: "For me, Juan Preciado, heaven is right here".
  5. 66 Juan Preciado: "And your soul? Where do you think it's gone?"
    A.Attitudes and beliefs concerning:
    l. Life
    3. The afterlife
    4.The soul
         a.What is the state of these voices?
  6. 66-68 Time change: Flashback. Pedro Páramo's life and times Pedro Pármo's reaction to Miguel Páramo's death
  7. 68-75 Time change: Years later Father Rentería remembers the night Miguel Páramo died.
  8. 70 "I did. I'm the one who's dead".
  9. 71 Memories of a previous visit to Contla in search of absolution
    A. "You cannot continue to consecrate others when you yourself are in sin".
  10. 72 "Oh, my friend, let God judge the dead".
  11. 73 "Not sick, Ana. Bad. I feel that's what I am. A bad man".
  12. 74 Dorotea's confession: "I'm the one who used to get the girls for the deceased. For Miguelito Páramo".
  13. 75 Father Rentería's epiphany: "Then came the dizziness, the confusion, . . . the taste of blood on his tongue".
  14. 75-76 Time change: Prospection. Juan Preciado and Dorotea in their grave: Eavsdropping on other dead: Susana San Juan.
    A. "I sense where I am, but I can think. . ."
  15. 78 Humor in death: "Who, me? I was asleep for a while."
  16. 79 An explanation: "What happens with these corpses that have been dead for a long time is that..."
  17. 79 "Anyone of dozens. Pedro Páramo slaughtered so many folks after his father was murdered that he killed nearly everybody who attended that wedding".
  18. 80-81 "Don't you believe it. He loved her.  I'm here to tell you that he never loved a woman like he loved that one".
    A.What to make of such an undying love?
  19. 80-81 On how and why Comala died.
  20. 81-82 Time change: Flashback. Pedro Páramo's life and times Susana San Juan and her father, Bartolomé, return to Comala: "Well, the way he treats her, she seems more like his wife."
    A.What do you make of this?
  21. 83 "And weep I did, Susana, when I learned that at last you would return".
  22. 84 Susana's poignant question: "And who am I?"
  23. 85 Susana's poignant revelation: "Of course I am, Bartolomé..."
  24. 85 Pedro's plan: "She must be left without family".
  25. 86-87 The Indians
  26. 88 '"It slept with me, between my legs. It got wet, and I felt sorry for it and let it stay in my bed."
    A.Justina's cat
    B.Pedro Páramo's macabre plan for Bartolomé
    C.Susana's bed
    D.The behavior of the dead
  27. 90 "Then it was father ... So he came to tell me good-bye".
  28. 90-91 Time change: Flashback : Susana's childhood, Bartolomé, and the mineshaft.
  29. 93 "Why do you come see me when you are dead?"
  30. 93-94 The revolutionaries: The Mexican Revolution
  31. 95 The narrator wonders: "'But what world was Susana San Juan living in? That was one of the things Pedro Páramo would never know".
    A.What would be your guess?
  32. 95-96 Time change: Prospection : Juan Preciado and Dorotea in their grave: Susana speaks about her dead husband, Florencio.
  33. 96-99 Time change: Flashback : Pedro Páramo's life and times: The Revolution:
    A."But why have you done it?"
    B."You're the leader. Or would you rather not get tied up in this revolution?"
  34. 99-100 Time change: Prospection : Juan Preciado and Dorotea in their grave: Susana and, her husband, Florencio.
    A."The box they buried her in must have split open, because I hear something like boards creaking".
  35. 100-101 Time change: Flashback : Pedro Páramo's life and times:
  36. 100 Susana dreams about Florencio:
    A."But all you care about is souls. And what I want is his body."
  37. 101-104 Pedro Páramo and Gerardo Trujillo, his lawyer.
  38. 105-107 Pedro Páramo and Damiana Cisneros
  39. 107-108 Pedro Páramo, Damasio, and revolutionary advice:
    A."Go raid some town!. . . Show them that you're not just out for a good time".
  40. 108 Susana San Juan: "A woman who is not of this world".
  41. 109-110 Susana's intuition: "I only believe in hell".
  42. 110 Pedro Páramo's confirms the above: "Don't be silly, Justina".
  43. 111 Two versions of communion
  44. 114 "Perhaps she had nothing to repent of. Maybe there was nothing for him to pardon."
  45. 115 Time Coincidence: Flashback and Prospection align to mark the death of Susana San Juan.
  46. 115-117 December 8: Susana's death and Comala's undoing: "I will cross my arms and Comala will die of hunger".  
  47. 117 Pedro Páramo, Damasio, and more revolutionary advice:
    A."No question.  You're on the side of the government".
    B."I don't care what you do".
  48. 117-118 Pedro Páramo remembers Susana San Juan: The autumn of a patriarch:
    "Pedro Páramo's lips kept moving, whispering words".
  49. 118-124 Circularity: Abundio returns to the story: "At that same hour. . ."
    A.The death of Abundio's wife
    B.A son meets his father
    C.Death of Pedro Páramo