FL 380: An Archaeology of the "Boom": Modern Latin American Prose Fiction

An Outline of Artemio Cruz's Dilemmas
The Death of Artemio Cruz

  1. The self: fragmentation
    a. Other possible selves (the other)
    b. "the traitor and the hero"
    c. malinchismo
    d. persistence
    e. chingones y chingados
    f. authenticity
    g. as a body
    h. as validated by survival

  2. Guilt:
    a. living with the knowledge of someone else's sacrifice for one's own life

  3. Fear of intimacy
    a. inability to enter in meaningful relationships with others

  4. Rage:
    a. the frustration of having succeded at having everything and having failed at living truthfully

  5. Choice: the roads not taken: the other "I"'s that we could have been but rejected

  6. Death and memory:
    a. a second chance to make reality coincide with desire
    b. a return to innocence (the garden)
    c. a confrontation with choices -good & bad- that were made
    d. a purge of guilt, fear, frustration
    e. an epiphany of self -peace with one's own self-