FL 380: Latin American Prose Fiction: An Archaeology of the "Boom"

Some Essential Notes on Hopscotch
Horacio's quest

  1. A search for an alternative order that would transgress:
    a. Accepted notions of reality
         i. values
         ii. social organization
         iii. knowledge & understanding (reason)
         iv. language
         v. family
         vi. city
         vii. nation

    b. A search motivated by an intellectually derived certainty
         i. 17 A certainty: "The only thing certain was. . ."
         ii. EXPENDABLE CHAPTER 71: On innocence lost and the search for the millenary          kingdom: 379 "Let us say that the world is a figure, it    has to be read. By read let us          understand generated."
         iii. 70-71 Jazz and the roads not taken: "that perhaps there have been other paths. . ."

    c. A search impeded by an intellectually articulated self
         i. 79 Self as fiction: "When he had been a student.. ."
              A. A linguistic unity and a premature sclerosis of character
         ii. 80 Language: "Man's rape by word, the masterful vengeance. . ."
         iii. 80 An impossibility: "To arrive at the word without words"

    d. Thus a CATCH 22: For the reader: a similar quest

    e.EXPENDABLE CHAPTER 79: A pedantic -but important- note by Morelli on two sorts literature and two types of readers.
         i. A choice: but no salvation is available anyway!

    f. An intimation for both:
         i.. 101 "Only by living absurdly is it possible to break out. . ."
         ii. 115 "I really have nothing to do with my own self"
         iii. 123 "That was so nobody could tell, with his face all wet in the rain nobody could tell".
         iv. 123 "he said to himself that he had really not been such an idiot. . ."