FL 380: An Archaeology of the "Boom": Modern Latin American Prose Fiction

    Reading Guide to Carpentier #1

    The Lost Steps

  1. Note: Why is the author -not the same thing as the narrator- giving us all this information about the landscape depicted in The Lost Steps?
  2. vi Are we to believe that the narrator's story is a part of Alejo Carpentier's biography? Is The Lost Steps to be read as an autobiography?
  3. 3 Who is narrating?
    a. Time turning back
  4. 4 Repetition
  5. 5 Art/(Ruth's drama) as a "parasite"
  6. 5 automatism
  7. 6 His "husband's duty"... What twinges of conscience?
  8. 7 The "other one"? Is he driven to her?
  9. 8 Ruth: not a wife but a "leading lady"?
  10. 9 repetition
    a. Sisyphus?
    b. Impossible to revive "certain epics of heroes or saints"
  11. 10 "a vicious caprice aroused by drink took me to secret apartments where personal identity was left at the door"???
    a. What is this all about?
  12. 10 chained to clocks, chronographs, and metronomes
  13. 11 Language and memory
  14. 12 Brentano's: Identify this place.
  15. 13 The rain: the beginning of it all?