Jorge Luis Borges (b. 1899 Argentina)

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Reading Guides:

Introduction to Borges's fictions  Aims, themes, etc.

First Reading Guide (Borges and I, The Theme of the Traitor and the Hero, The Circular Ruins)

Second Reading Guide (Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius)

Believe it or not! - Ubar does exist! Article from The New York Times Wednesday, February 5, 1992

Philosophy and Borges (Gnosticism, Idealism, Materialism, Berkeley, Locke, Schopenhauer)

FILM Guide (Antonioni's The Spider's Stratagem and Borges's Theme of the Traitor and the Hero)

Borges and the Idea of Utopia  Article by James E. Irby

Borges's Links:

Borges: The Critical Page Biography, Short Stories & Essays, Criticism, etc. (ENGLISH).

Borges -- Garden of Forking Paths Biography, Criticism, Art, links (ENGLISH).

Jorge Luis Borges Biography, Real Audio of Borges, Infoseek link to Borges (SPANISH).

Internetaleph La vida y la obra de Jorge Luis Borges (SPANISH and ENGLISH)

General Links:

Handbook of Latin American Studies On-Line Bibliography from the Library of Congress.

LANIC The essential link to any search on Latin America in the WWW.

Latin World Latin America on the Web!

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