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Foreign Languages 380

An Archaeology of the "Boom"

Modern Latin American Fiction

List of Works and Writers:

b.1899: Jorge Luis Borges {ARG.} Labyrinths (1944/1949)
                                         FILM The Spider's Stratagem

b.1904: Alejo Carpentier {CUBA} The Lost Steps (1953)

b.1918: Juan Rulfo {MEX.} Pedro Páramo (1955)

b.1928: Carlos Fuentes {MEX.} The Death of Artemio Cruz (1962)
                                     FILM Citizen Kane

b.1914: Julio Cortázar {ARG.}Hopscotch (1963)

b.1936: Mario Vargas-Llosa {PERÚ} The Time of the Hero (1963)
                                             FILM The City and the Dogs

b.1928: Gabriel García-Márquez {COL.} One Hundred Years of Solitude (1967)

b.1932: Manuel Puig {ARG.} Kiss of the Spider Woman
                                 FILM Kiss of the Spider Woman

Links of General Interest:

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