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An Encyclopedia of 
African American Literature

Hans Ostrom and J. David Macey, Editors

Unassigned Entries

Last Updated on August 23,  2004

Unassigned entries remaining, August 23, 2004: 8

Note: We are looking for contributors to write all of the entries below but are especially interested in identifying contributors to write the entries in bold.  Most of the remaining entries will be in the range of 300-500 words in length. If you see an entry, or more than one entry, you would like to write, please contact David Macey at, indicate the entry or entries in which you are interested, and attach an electronic copy of your CV or resume.  Thank you.


Hans A. Ostrom



Gabugah, O. O.

Holman, M. Carl

McGlown, Jerry

Philadelphia, PA

Robinson, Jackie (in literature)

Shackelford, Theodore Henry

Straker, David Augustus

Towns, George