Hans Ostrom   Professor, African American Studies and English 

Ph.D. in English, University of California, Davis, 1982   B.A. and M.A. in English, University of California, Davis, 1975, 1979

Contact: ostrom@pugetsound.edu African American Studies: 253-879-3372.   Hans Ostrom teaches courses in African American literature, poetry-writing, fiction-writing, Anglo-American poetry, detective fiction, and first-year writing.   He co-edited the Greenwood Encyclopedia of African American Literature and wrote A Langston Hughes Encyclopedia. His published novels are Three To Get Ready and Honoring Juanita.  His books of poetry include  The Coast Starlight: Collected Poems 1976-2006.   Hans is an award-winning teacher.  Here is a link to his complete curriculum vitae: Curriculum Vitae 

University of Puget Sound  Tacoma, WA 98416  USA

Youtube Channel: http: //www.youtube.com/user/langstonify


ostrom@pugetsound.edu  Main Web Log:  http://poetsmusings-muser.blogspot.com/

Link to African American Studies Program Phone: 253-879-3372

 Link to Syllabi from Courses that I teach and to course-resource pages.

Online book in progress: http://redtalesbook.blogspot.com/          

The Coast Starlight: Collected Poems 1976-2006 (Indianapolis: Dog Ear Publishing, 2006): Amazon

Honoring Juanita: Amazon.com (including Kindle)

        Link To A Brief   Autobiography   

Some Links to Useful Resources

Emily Dickinson and Elvis Presley on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naa3oK4zWxQ


                                   Information about Metro: Journeys in Writing Creatively, a book co-written with Wendy Bishop and Kate Haake.

The Greenwood Encyclopedia of African American Literature, edited with J. David Macey

The Coast Starlight: Collected Poems 1976-2006 (Indianapolis: Dog Ear Publishing, 2006): Barnes and Noble

 Information about  A Langston  Hughes Encyclopedia.

Online and In Progress: http://redtalesbook.blogspot.com/



English 126: Writing, Reading, Life, and Meaning

English 342: Genre: Fiction (Detective Fiction)

                   Connections 375: Harlem Renaissance  

English 465: Iraq War Discussion Grou

Selected Course-Syllabi:  (Links To Course-Resource Pages Appear Above)

Connections 375: Harlem Renaissance (Spring 2010)

English 402: Advanced Creative Writing--Short Fiction (Spring 2010)


Connections 375: The Harlem Renaissance--Fall 2009

English 203: Introductory Creative Writing (Poetry)-- Fall 2009

English 403: Advanced Creative Writing (Poetry)--Fall 2009

Spring 2009: English 402: Advanced Creative Writing (Fiction)

Spring 2009: English 203: Introduction to Creative Writing (Poetry)

Fall 2008: English 126: Arguing Through Literature--Writing, Reading, Life, and Meaning

Fall 2008: Connections 375: The Harlem Renaissance

Fall 2008: English 403: Advanced Creative Writing (Poetry)

Spring 2008: English 203: Introduction to Creative Writing (Poetry)

Spring 2008: Connections 375: The Harlem Renaissance

Spring 2008: English 482: Topics in African American Literature (20th Century African American Literature)

Spring 2008: Iraq War Discussion Group (Bristow, Cohn, Dillman, Kupinse, Ostrom)

Fall 2007: Connections 375: The Harlem Renaissance

Fall 2007: English 340: Genre-Poetry (History of Anglo-American Lyric Poetry)

Fall 2007: English 403: Advanced Creative Writing (Poetry)

Spring 2007: English 342: Genre Fiction (Detective Fiction)

Fall 2006: English 126: Genre-Studies in Literature: Writing, Reading, Life, and Meaning

Fall 2006: English 403: Advanced Creative Writing (Poetry)

Spring 2006: English 340: Genre: Poetry--Contemporary American Poetry

Spring 2006: English 402--Advanced Creative Writing: Short Fiction

English 101: First-Year Writing Seminar

English 124: First Year Seminar in Writing and Rhetoric (Rhetoric of Word and Image)  English 202: Introduction to Creative Writing: Short Fiction

English 203: Introduction to Creative Writing: Poetry   English 210: Introduction to English Studies (Fall 2005)

English 340: Genre--Poetry English 342: Genre: Fiction (Detective Fiction)--Spring 2005 [Version ]

English 342 : Detective Fiction [Version #1]   English 360: Langston Hughes and James Baldwin

English 375: The Harlem Renaissance: Earlier Version

English 375: The HR: Spring 2004 Version:           English 402: Fiction Writing (Spring 2005)

English 402 : Fiction Writing  English 402 Fiction Writing, Version #2

English 402: Fiction Writing, Version #3  (Spring 2004)  English 403:  Poetry Writing

English 403: Poetry Writing (Fall 2005) English 405: Writing and Gender

English 426: African-American Literature English 449: 20th Century American Literature

English 481: Asian-American Literature  English 492: Historical Perspectives on Writing and Rhetoric


photo of  Sierra Buttes, Sierra County, California:

                     Sierra Buttes: peak elevation approximately 8,000 feet

photo below--Sierra City, California:

Population, 225.  Elevation, 4200 feet.

I grew up in Sierra City (link #1)

  Sierra City (link #2)


Links to Useful Resources:

(See also links to course-resource pages above.)

         African-American Literature and Culture: Library of  Congress

       Asian-American Studies Library and Research Guide

       Austen, Jane: See Jane Austen.

       Autobiographies: A List

       Beat Generation

       Camus: "Albert Camus: Political Moralist"

       Capital Punishment

       Catholic Worker, The

       Chevrolet Camaro (1967)

       Civil-Rights Movement: Time Line


       Dee Rimbaud

Dee Rimbaud/ The AA Independent Press Guide
URL: http://www.thunderburst.co.uk
Description: Website of writer and artist, Dee Rimbaud, which features numerous writers' resources, including the comprehensive AA Independent Press Guide, with listings of over 2,000 literary magazines and publishers worldwide, as well as links pages with thousands of links to writers' personal websites, internet magazines and other useful resources.


       Deepest Lake in the World

       Dostoyevsky, Fyodor

       Duke Ellington

       Ecology/"Deep Ecology" [with a good bibliography]

 Gender Goes to the Movies: Students from English 405 Recommend Movies That Concern Gender Issues

      George Simenon and His Detective, Maigret

      Harlem: Map

      Harlem Renaissance Art

       Harlem Renaissance: Some Poetry

       Indian Tribal Pre-Contact Territories (California): Map

          James P. Johnson: Stride Piano, "Charleston," Blues

        Jane Austen Information Page

       Johnny Cash

        Johnson, Samuel--Quotations

        Michel Foucault

        Mystery Novels, Crime Fiction, Detective Fiction: Lists and Sources

          Nature Conservancy

          Organic Gardening

       Oxford English Dictionary: Word of the Day

        Penelope Fitzgerald (novelist and biographer)

Poets Visit Schools to Read  Works by Langston Hughes, Lawrence, Kansas      


        Pride Foundation, The

        Progressive Populist, The

        Quotations Concerning Rhetoric, Writing, and Argument

        Rex Stout/Nero Wolfe Website

        Romantic Circles: Website Concerning the Study of Romantic

        Semiotics for Beginners, by Daniel Chandler

 Sherlock Holmes International

 Silva Rhetoricae: The Forest of Rhetoric

St. Leo Parish, Tacoma, Washington

St. Petersburg, Russia


 Tallest Tree in the World

 Washo Indians


 Women and Gender: Resources for Research

Working-Class Students (An article by Richard Rodriquez)

 World Hunger

 World Population Growth (1-2050 A.D)

 Writing on the Edge (A Journal Published at U.C. Davis)

           I attended Roseville High School in Roseville, California, graduating in 1971.                                 ~

Hans Ostrom
Contact: ostrom@ups.edu                             

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