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Some Forthcoming Articles


The Inclusion of Citizenship Status in Intersectionality: What immigration raids tells us about Mixed-Status Families, the State and Assimilation - by Mary Romero  

The Intersectional Paradigm and Alternative Visions to Stopping Domestic Violence: What Poor Women, Women of Color, and Immigrant Women Are Teaching Us about Violence in the Family - by Natalie J. Sokoloff

Race, Gender and Global Love: Non-Ghanaian Wives, Insiders or Outsiders in Ghana? - by Akosua K. Darkwah and Akosua Adomako Ampofo

Gender and Ethnicity in Union Formation: The Case of Second-Generation Patels - by Namita N. Manohar

At the Crossroads of Identity: Never Married Chinese American Women - by Susan Ferguson

The Privilege of Coming Out: Race, Class, and Lesbiansí Mothering Decisions - by Nancy J. Mezey

U.S. Rainbow Families Online: Emblems of Diversity or Expansion of Whiteness? - by Pamela Anne Quiroz 

Mothers for Others: A Race, Class, and Gender Analysis of Surrogacy - by Heather E. Dillaway

The Professional Allowance: How Socioeconomic Status Characteristics Allow Some Men to Fulfill family Role Expectations Better Than Other Men - by Rashawn Ray




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