Carlos Fuentes
The Death of Artemio Cruz

Text extracted from Harry Velez's FL380 site

An Outline of Artemio Cruz's Dilemmas

The self:-fragmentation
a. Other possible selves (the other)
b. "the traitor and the hero"
c. malinchismo
d. persistence
e. chingones y chingados
f. authenticity
g. as a body
h. as validated by survival

a. living with the knowledge of someone else's sacrifice for one's own life

Fear of intimacy
a. inability to enter in meaningful relationships with others

a. the frustration of having succeded at having everything and having failed at living truthfully

Choice: the roads not taken: the other "I"'s that we could have been but rejected

Death and memory:
a. a second chance to make reality coincide with desire
b. a return to innocence (the garden)
c. a confrontation with choices -good & bad- that were made
d. a purge of guilt, fear, frustration
e. an epiphany of self -peace with one's own self


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