Paper # 3
Julio Cortázar

The game of hopscotch, as defined in the novel by Cortázar, consists of the following:

Hopscotch is played with a pebble that you move with the tip of your toe. The things you need: a sidewalk, a pebble, a toe, and a pretty chalk drawing, preferably in colors. On top is Heaven, on the bottom is Earth, it's very hard to get the pebble up to Heaven, you almost always miscalculate and the stone goes off the drawing (Hopscotch 214).

The choice of the title Hopscotch is not coincidental. References to the game are frequent, and the novel itself paralells and provides a comment to it. As a matter of fact, reading the novel is a game in itself. In this paper, explore the ludic nature of this novel, the various levels of playfulness, and the outcome of the game for characters and readers.