German 101/102


Goal of Elementary German

All four skills -- understanding, speaking, reading, and writing -- will be taught from the beginning.


We are using the textbook WIE GEHT'S  and the accompanying workbook (which includes chapter exercises and language lab exercises). These books, written by Dieter Sevin, Ingrid Sevin and Katrin T. Bean, are available at the bookstore in the SUB and will be used the entire year of Elementary German.


Homework assignments will be written on the board every day before class begins.

Students are responsible for timely completion of all assignments -- they should not require more than one hour per day. All homework assignments are to be done on the computer. I will not assign a grade to homework, since over the years, it has become clear to me that those who do their homework conscientiously will do well on quizzes anyway.

Quizzes and Examinations

Each chapter quiz will be announced and its structure and contents discussed. On occasion, a review worksheet may precede a quiz. Materials tested will have been sufficiently practiced on the computer, in class or in the language lab. There will be a written final examination and perhaps also an oral final examination.

Language Lab

Each chapter covered in the textbook will be accompanied by tape exercises to be worked on in the Language Lab. Material from these exercises will be reflected on quizzes, which will always contain a significant portion of listening comprehension material.


Students will receive letter grades on each quiz and on the final examination. The final examination will be worth two quiz grades. The average grade will be the course grade. However, the professor reserves the right to fail a student who incurs an excessive number of absences.

Students may miss one chapter quiz during the semester, for any reason. Students who do not miss a quiz may drop their lowest quiz grade. Students who miss a second quiz, for any reason, will receive for that quiz a grade of 0, one grade lower than an F. There will be no makeup examinations.

Students must take all quizzes when they are administered to all other students. And the final examination will be given only on the days and during the hours listed in the course schedule. Please plan your schedules and flights home accordingly.