David J. Lewis



Assistant Professor, Economics

University of Puget Sound


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Research Interests

My research is focused on environmental and resource economics, land economics, spatial modeling, biodiversity conservation, microeconometric and GIS applications, and regional development.  I’m particularly interested in the effects of environmental policies on private landscapes and ecosystem services.

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*  Econ 170: Contemporary Economics


*  Econ 325: Environmental Economics and Policy


*  Econ 326: Natural Resource Economics and Policy


*  Econ 374: Introduction to Econometrics



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Contact Information


1500 North Warner Street, CMB 1057, Tacoma, WA 98416 (Ph: 253-879-3553)



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Research Papers

Refereed Academic Journal Articles

Butsic, V., Lewis, D.J., and L. Ludwig. 2010. “An Econometric Analysis of Land Development with Endogenous Zoning.”Land Economics (Forthcoming). PDF Version.

Lewis, D.J., Plantinga, A.J., Nelson, E., and S. Polasky. 2010. “The Efficiency of Voluntary Incentive Policies for Preventing Biodiversity Loss.” Resource and Energy Economics (Forthcoming). PDF Version.

Lewis, D.J., Barham, B.L., and B. Robinson. 2010. “Are there Spatial Spillovers in the Adoption of Clean Technology? The Case of Organic Dairy Farming.” Land Economics (Forthcoming). PDF Version.


Butsic, V., Lewis, D.J., and V.C. Radeloff. 2010. “Lakeshore Zoning has Heterogeneous Ecological Effects: An Application of a Coupled Economic-Ecological Model.” Ecological Applications, 20(3):867-879. PDF Version of working paper.


Lewis, D.J. 2010. “An Economic Framework for Forecasting Land Use and Ecosystem Change.” Resource and Energy Economics, 32(2): 98-116. PDF Version.

Lewis, D.J., Plantinga, A.J. and J. Wu. 2009. “Targeting Incentives to Reduce Habitat Fragmentation.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics 91(4): 1080-1096. See AAE Staff Paper No. 531.

Horsch, E.J., and D.J. Lewis. 2009. “The Effects of Aquatic Invasive Species on Property Values: Evidence from a Quasi Experiment.” Land Economics, 85(3): 391-409. See AAE Staff Paper No. 530.

Lewis, D.J., Provencher, B., and V. Butsic. 2009. “The Dynamic Effects of Open-Space Conservation Policies on Residential Development Density.” Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 57(3): 239-252. See AAE Staff Paper No. 522.

Lewis, D.J., Barham, B.L., and K. Zimmerer. 2008. “Spatial Externalities in Agriculture: Empirical Analysis, Statistical Identification, and Policy Implications.” World Development, 36(10): 1813-1829. See AAE Staff Paper No 519.

Nelson, E., Polasky, S., Lewis, D.J., Plantinga, A.J., Lonsdorf, E., White, D., Bael, D., and J. Lawler. 2008. “Efficiency of Incentives to Jointly Increase Carbon Sequestration and Species Conservation on a Landscape.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105(28): 9471-9476.

Lewis, D.J., and A.J. Plantinga. 2007. “Policies for Habitat Fragmentation: Combining Econometrics with GIS-Based Landscape Simulations.” Land Economics, 83(2): 109-127.

Alig, R.J., D.J. Lewis, and J.J. Swenson. 2005. “Is Forest Fragmentation Driven by the Spatial Configuration of Land Quality? The Case of Western Oregon.” Forest Ecology and Management, 217: 266-274.

Lewis, D.J., G.L. Hunt and A.J. Plantinga. 2003. “Does Public Lands Policy Affect Local Wage Growth?” Growth and Change, 34(1): 64-86..

Lewis, D.J., G.L. Hunt and A.J. Plantinga. 2002. "Public Conservation Land and Employment Growth in the Northern Forest Region." Land Economics, 78(2): 245-259.

Working Papers

Provencher, B., Lewis, D.J., and K. Anderson. 2009. “Disentangling Preferences and Expectations in Stated Preference Analysis: The Case of Invasive Species Prevention.” Working Paper. PDF Version.


Lewis, D.J. and B. Provencher. 2007. “The Implications of Heterogeneous Preferences for Environmental Zoning.” Working Paper. PDF Version.


Peer-Reviewed Research, Synthesis, and Policy Reports


Lewis, D.J., and R.J. Alig. 2009. “Empirical Methods for Modeling Landscape Change, Ecosystem Services, and Biodiversity.” Western Economic Forum, 8(1): 29-39.


Smail, R.A., and D.J. Lewis. 2009. “Forestland Conversion, Ecosystem Services, and Economic Issues for Policy: A Review.” U.S. Forest Service General Technical Review, PNW-GTR-797.

Plantinga, A.J., Alig, R.J., Eichman, H., and D.J. Lewis. 2007. “Linking Land-Use Projections and Forest Fragmentation Analysis.” Res. Pap. PNW-RP-570. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Station, 41p.

Lewis, D.J., and A.J. Plantinga. 2004. “Research Methods to Address the Economics of Forest Habitat Fragmentation.” U.S. Forest Service General Technical Report, PNW-GTR-626..

              Rashford, B.S., D.J. Lewis, R.M. Evonuk, and B.A. Weber. 2003. “Economic Interrelationships in a Small Farming Area: Towards an Estimate of the Threshold of Agricultural Production for Sustainable Farming.” Working Paper #03-101, January 2003, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Oregon State University.

Lewis, D.J. 2001. "Easements and Conservation Policy in the North Maine Woods." Maine Policy Review. 10(1), 24-36.

Lewis, D.J. and A.J. Plantinga. 2001. "Public Conservation Land and Economic Growth in the Northern Forest Region." Maine Agricultural & Forest Experiment Station Misc. Pub. #748..

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Full CV

Ph.D. Oregon State University (2005)

Major: Agricultural & Resource Economics; Specialty: Environmental & Natural Resource Economics

Dissertation: Managing the Spatial Configuration of Land - The Economics of Land Use and Habitat Fragmentation.

M.S. University of Maine (2001)

Major: Resource Economics & Policy; Specialty: Environmental & Natural Resource Economics

Thesis: Public Conservation Land and Economic Growth in the Northern Forest Region.

B.S. University of Colorado (1997)

Major: Applied Mathematics; Minor: Economics

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Personal Interests

*  Fly fishing and tying

*  Hiking and backpacking

*  Canoeing

*  Golf

*  Skiing


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