Peter Wimberger

Associate Professor of Biology, 1993-
University of Puget Sound

237A Thompson Hall
Phone (253) 879-2784
Lab phone (253) 879-2819
fax: (253) 879-3352

PhD Cornell University
BA University of Washington


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Evolutionary Biology, Conservation and Population Genetics, Phylogenetics

Specific research projects at this time: genetic consequences of exotic mussel (Mytilus gallo provincialis) introduction in Puget Sound, conservation and population genetics of Sebastes (rockfish), Project GROWS (Genetic Research On Western Salmon) - a high school curriculum providing students the opportunity to do authentic research on salmon population genetics using RFLPS and microsatellites.


Biology 112 (Diversity of Life)
Biology 460 (Evolution)
Environmental Studies 400 (Sustainable Cities)
Science in Context 325 (Forest Policy)
Science in Context 328 (Salmon Recovery in the Columbia River)


Burr, J., P. Bentzen, L. Seeb, J. West, and P. Wimberger. Microsatellite analysis of genetic population structure of quillback rockfish (Sebastes maliger) from Puget Sound to Southern Alaska: Evaluation of distinct population segments. In prep.

Wimberger, P., J. Burr, A. Gray, A. Lopez, and P. Bentzen. 1999. Isolation and characterization of twelve microsatellite loci for rockfish (Sebastes). Marine Biotechnology 1:311-315.

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Updated August 2004


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